Strategy & HR Consulting

Strategy & HR Consulting

‘‘Lose the battle to attract, keep and develop people and you lose the war for supremacy and even the ability to survive in the new economy’’ Anonymous

Successful recruitment is relevant to secure the organisation´s success. However, it may be even more important to create and sustain good relationships between employees and employers. Therefore, our understanding of HR Consulting goes beyond placing good candidates.

  • How do we ensure we have the right culture, attract and retain the talent we need?
  • How can our HR function be the best one for our business – always driving the workforce in the right direction and providing world-class support for our workforce?
  • How can we be organized to enable high performance?
  • How best can we manage and reward people to encourage high performance?
  • How can we best implement priority business changes?
  • How can we build the skills we need for the future?

In collaboration with selected strategic co-operation partners nationally and internationally, we provide our clients with HR consulting services in such areas as:

  • People Strategy and Human Resource Management that delivers
  • Strategic Focus Creation
  • HR Function Transformation
  • Embedding Business Change & Culture Alignment
  • Organisation Design & Development
  • Career & Performance Management
  • Industrial/Employee Relations
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Human Resources Information System
  • Fit-for-purpose organisational model
  • HR function that delivers demonstrable results
  • Unique employer brand which is aligned to and supports your market brand and helps your people deliver on the brand promise.
  • Well positioned performance and reward strategy.
  • Cost-effective learning and development that addresses business needs in a sustainable fashion
  • Sustainable change that is well embedded in day-to-day practices and behaviours
  • Complete administrative support that allows in-house HR team to focus precious time and efforts strategic issues

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