Resource Centre

HCP Resource Centre

  • The “HCP Resource Centre” is dedicated to catering for the needs of our clients who may require an easily accessible, noise and distraction-free environment to hold any of the following events :
    – Strategy Meetings and Retreats
    – Assessment and Development Centre Operations
    – Test Administration and Interviews
    – Client and Project Meetings
    – Training programmes
    – Conferences and Events
  • The Centre is fully equipped with state of the art equipment.
  • Participants’ are able to focus. The confidentiality of your events can also be fairly guaranteed.
  • The facility available all year round.
  • It is also well reasonably priced.

Events Planning

  • We are committed to ensuring that every event runs smoothly.
  • Every event receives personal care and attention from the minute you make your booking.
  • A dedicated event manager would be available to ensure your planning and programs are hassle free.
  • Our facility is not only about providing the right space and best choice, we are dedicated to creating a comfortable atmosphere where learning and work becomes a pleasure.

Facilities at the Resource Centre

  1. 10 exquisitely furnished rooms suitable for variety of events such as Assessment Centres, Interviews, Training, Strategy Meetings/Retreats
  2. Each room is equipped with visual systems including new Smart LED Flat Screen Television for Presentations
  3. Each room is equipped with brand new Air conditioners
  4. Each room is equipped with a photographic camera in case a client would like to record the event as it is done in Assessment Centres & Interview situations
  5. 2 Standby Generators i.e. 80KVA & 45KVA
  6. Free Internet Wi-Fi connection.
  7. Catering arrangements is optional. Client may choose to handle this directly or request that our “Events Team” provide this support as well.

Big Size Room Arrangement

Medium Size Room Arrangement

Small Size Room (Syndicate/Breakout Room)

Room Rates