Immersive Learning & Development Solutions

Immersive Learning and Development Solutions

‘’A more complex economy demands more sophisticated talent with global acumen, multicultural fluency, technological literacy, entrepreneurial skills and the ability to manage increasingly delayered disaggregated organisation’’ Chambers, E.G et all, Win the War for Top Talent’, Workforce vol77 no 12, December 1988.

In today’s environment of speed-of-light change:

  • We really don’t know what our people don’t know. Can you help us identify what they    really need to learn?
  • How can we ensure that our organisation and people are equipped to adapt, thrive and to    exceed?
  • How can we help our people learn new skills quickly and thoroughly and also help build    the skills we need for the future?

In developing our programmes, we are careful to understand our clients’ needs and match solutions to client’s specific requirements. Our training interventions are delivered through In-house/ In-plant programmes conducted at the request of the client with inputs specifically tailored to the requirements of the client. This we do through proper training need analysis or meeting with client’s representative and together develop programmes that will meet specific objectives. In other cases we organize scheduled programmes that reflect the perceived training need of the business community from time to time.
The syllabuses of our various programmes are covered by formal lectures, group discussions, case studies, video / audio, instructor-led presentations, individual / group exercises, and business games, Computer Based Training and e-learning .
All our core faculty and resource persons are either accredited by KPMG or Centre for Management Development (CMD) or both.

  • Cost-effective learning and development that addresses business needs in a sustainable fashion
  • Innovative approaches to the development of critical competencies
  • Access to deep expertise in wide range of KPMG quality assured programmes
  • Access to high quality KPMG and Centre for Management Development accredited resource persons and facilitators.
  • High quality delivery that engages employees because it is attuned to their learning needs

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