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The HCP e-learning (HCPel) is designed to make your learning experience flexible. The world is constantly changing therefore we need to provide a platform that provides world class learning interventions from inception to delivering results.

HCPel offers a wide variety of e-learning courses, built to ensure effective learning and help you develop the required skills to succeed.

 The HCPel Benefits

Our learning platform brings improved learning outcomes and lower costs for individuals and organisations.  Other benefits for both organisations and individuals are:

  • Increased level of productivity
  • Self-paced learning
  • Ease and mobility
  • Personalised learning experience
  • Continuous learning and personal development
  • Learning which is hassle free and convenient

HCP e-learning invites you to an online community that drives your personal development, and helps you learn at your own pace.

 Our e-learning offering

We offer a wide range of courses under the following categories:









Below is a list of our e-learning courses:

  1. Becoming an Effective Supervisor
  2. Managerial Skills Development
  3. Building & Leading your Team
  4. Effective Coaching
  5. Personal Career Management Strategies
  6. Effective Business Writing
  7. Time Management and Personal Effectiveness
  8. Effective Communication and Interpersonal Course
  9. Business Etiquette and Professionalism
  10. Managing Performance
  11. Employability Skills
  12. Networking
  13. Project Management
  14. Stimulating Emotional Intelligence